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July 24, 2012


I don’t think I have ever seen so many rotten teeth as during this Dental Mission. The reason might be that at all the 3 venues where we set up the clinic, they had never before been visited by volunteer dentists.

The first 2 venues were small islands on Dawahon reef, which has a group of islands between Bohol and Leyte Islands. Here Dr. Rachel from England points out the first area we went to.

As mentioned in our previous blog, the main livelihood for the islanders were that of growing and harvesting seaweeds used as food additives. Very few from these islands had ever visited a dentist, and most had never used a toothbrush.

Many of the teenagers were well on their way of losing their front teeth, so we tried to do what we could to restore them, as these young ones have their whole life ahead of them, and being able to meet people and situations with a winning smile would definitely be to prefer.

Dr. Alex was so happy to fix the front teeth of a number of teenagers. What a wonderful gift they received – all free of charge.

When we examined the high-school students from Hingutanan Island, bad front teeth was a common problem. Many of the students had teeth that were past fixing, so we left them in if they didn’t give them pain, just so that they could still use them to bite. We were still able to treat this girl.

Nikolaj proudly shows the beautiful restoration he did on this girl, and she was elated.

On to “Sea Turtle Lagoon Resort” at Camoboan, Tabogon to the north on Cebu Island. We set up the clinic in large tents in their big parking area.

Flemming is the main organizer of these large events, and here he’s inspecting the table with all the instruments and materials the dentists would use in their treatment.

Mrs. Natividad Ruiz (right) was faithfully at the receiving area welcoming the patients and together with her barangay helpers, they filled out the registration forms with the basic data, making it easy for the dentists to just fill in the information of teeth treated and medicine prescribed.

Dr. Martha helped examining the patients and sending them off to the sitting area waiting to receive the treatment.

Though information had been disseminated to the whole area, we were faced with having very few patients the first morning, so Sally, our host and owner of the “Sea Turtle Lagoon Resort” and Elisabet went around to the elementary and high-schools in the area, informing them again of the Dental Mission and that all the treatments and medicine would be for free. It was almost too good to be true! But it worked, and with parent’s permission, the children came for the treatment.

Recently we were so fortunate to receive a mobile digital X-ray from USA as a donation for our Dental Outreach Programs, as there are times when the dentists need to be able to determine if it would be safe to extract a tooth/teeth from a patient. Here Elisabet and Flemming are working with the equipment. A big thank you to DEXIS for their donation!

Dr. Martha is taking an X-ray of a patient while Dr. Mona (left) is observing.

At the end of the Dental Mission at the “Sea Turtle Lagoon Resort”, everyone gathered for a photo. In the middle front waving to us is Mrs. Sally Kelly who hosted the dental mission and had done a great work preparing for this event – the first of it’s kind in Camoboan. Our stay at the resort was pleasant and the food was excellent. You made it easy for us to be good!

We want to thank everyone that had a part in the Dental Mission – the sponsors, dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants, dental technicians,  nurses, barangay health workers, police and security personnel, cooks, banka-boat captains and personnel, drivers etc. etc. You all helped to make a difference. In the 9 days of treatment, we treated 1160 patients, restored 734 teeth, extracted 1763 and gave prophylaxis treatment to 88 patients. Our dental hygienists were busy instructing school children from 5 schools in the need of tooth-brushing and how to properly do so, going from classroom to classroom. They also helped mothers of small children understand the need for them to actively participate in brushing the teeth of their small children.

It was a wonderful Dental Mission, successfully completed.

You can read more about the dental missions here.

If you would like to give a donation toward this program, you can do so here.


Story and photos: Elisabet Hansen



January 20, 2012

Come all who will for free dental treatment!

Dental Mission January 9-13, 2012. "Svanen" Dental Clinic from Lyngby (Copenhagen) joined us for a 5 days mission and treated 503 patients! Well done!

Back row: If  Klaus (documentary team), Einar (Rise Above), Michelle, Carina, Lone (volunteer with Rise Above), Victor (documentary team), Mars (working full time with Rise Above), Flemming (Rise Above) –

Middle row: Johnny (working full time with Rise Above), Marie (Rise Above), Britt, Camilla, Per, Birgit, Dorte, Elisabet (Rise Above) –

Front row: Gabriel (Rise Above), Benedikte, Bodil, Birgitte, Mahzad, Carsten (documentary team) and Annafia

The dental mission was held at two locations. The first 3 days, we set up the clinic at Cebu Missionary Foundation’s school at Inayawan Rubbish Dump. It was quite an experience to see how people are living and surviving on top of the garbage in such terrible conditions. Yet, as Filipinos, there were always a smile and a welcoming and happy spirit. The contrasts between Denmark and the Philippines are so vast, it’s hard to fully comprehend how one can even find happiness in such a filthy and stinking place. So to have the free clinic operational there for 3 days, was a wonderful experience, and the whole team worked hard so that as many as possible could be treated.

Periodically, it rained heavily. It was good the rain had stopped when we went for a walk through the "residential" area.

Those SMILES! It was so touching!

The children were having fun seeing all the foreigners walk through their area and taking photos. Filipinos love photo-taking!

And what about a playground like this one?

Residents from the rubbish dump waiting in line for treatment

The 2 last days, the dental clinic was set up at a school for the Badjao population in the slums of Alaska Mambaling. Here some of the team are looking out from 2nd floor to watch the people in the "village".

Many got their front teeth fixed

Mars and Johnny are a big part of our work here in Cebu. They are two talented boys who love to learn. Mars has learned how to make dentures, and Johnny is learning technical stuff

It takes a lot of concentration to get a denture just right


...and after. It makes a big difference in a young person's life

This little girl already had a bad infection, so she was given free antibiotics. Marie also gave her a toothbrush from 3DP - Steka Reklame A/S, who sponsored 10.000 children's toothbrushes. Everyone were given a toothbrush, and the rest will be distributed in needy areas to help improve the dental health in Cebu

The dental team worked hard to treat as many patients as possible - and the documentary team watched constantly to make sure they got to record some good stories to tell

We have hundreds of photos from the 5 days dental mission, and we would have liked to share them all with you, because it was so inspiring to see the change it made in each of the patients. We are so very thankful for the dental team from “Svanen” who made this dental mission possible. You definitely made a big difference, and you’re always welcome to come to Cebu again. We wish you all the best for 2012, and that this beginning of the year was an experience that will live with you for the whole year and more.


January 10, 2012

A team of 12 arrived last Saturday from Denmark for the Dental Mission that we are holding from January 9-13. The dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and office personnel all work at “Svanen” (the Swan) dental clinic from Lyngby at the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. Dr. Per Bjørndal, co-owner of the clinic, has joined our dental mission twice before, and was so touched by the wonderful experiences he had, that he decided to suggest to all his work-mates that they go to Cebu together, and as a team make a difference  for extremely poor and destitute people in Cebu.

Dr. Per and his assistant, Birgitte treating a patient from the rubbish dump

The dental team did fundraising for their trip, and brought with them a good amount of materials from companies who donated toward the dental mission. Flemming and Elisabet Hansen worked on getting it all organized for the Dental Mission that started Monday morning. We want to express our gratefulness! You are helping us make a big difference!

In Cebu, friends of Rise Above Foundation also gave donations toward the mission, making it possible to treat everyone for free.

Before the team started, they had to get acquainted with what kind of medicines, materials and instruments were available

This is how the clinic is set up. Everyone are working well together, and there was plenty to do for everyone

Mercedes, a 32 years old woman had 5 teeth removed, including two of her front teeth. Mars from Rise Above Cebu and Birthe made a small denture with 2 teeth to replace the front teeth she lost

No wonder Mercedes is smiling. Not only was she rid of her pain, she also received the artificial teeth that again made her feel like a beautiful woman

Mercedes together with the two technicians who made her new teeth - Mars and Britt

Lone, far left is volunteering with Rise Above for 6 months, and Lene are visiting for 3 weeks. They worked at the sterilization area, seeing to that all the instruments were washed and sterilized before being returned to the trays

Dr. Camilla and her assistant, Michelle worked hard to treat as many patients as possible

Dr. Per with his assistant Dorte together with two of the teachers from Cebu Missionary Foundation and the mother, all tried to encourage this little 5 year old girl to open her mouth for treatment, but she plainly refused. They will return again tomorrow. Maybe she will let the dentist extract her tooth. We'll see. It was filmed by Victor, who is one of a team of 3 that's working on making a documentary on the work the dentists from Denmark are doing here in Cebu.

The children are so brave. Only very few have cried. This girl is playing with Joe the Rabbit, who was here to cheer up a lot of kids, while she is waiting for treatment.

Day 2 is almost over, and the team have 3 more days to go. Stay tuned for more news from the Dental Mission among the extreme poor in Cebu City, Philippines.


July 22, 2011


Early Friday morning, we packed up and left Bayawan City, driving back to the port and loaded all the equipement and all our luggage on to the two banka boats, and sailed to Panglao Island, which is part of Bohol.

Dental chairs can be used as a reclining sun-chair. Here Huda and Stine are enjoying the sun and breeze as we sail toward Bohol.

Kurt, a German man who owns a resort and who connected us with the mayor of Danao, had prepared for the whole team to stay at his resort for the night.

Kalipayan Resort on Alona Beach. Kalipayan means happiness.

After a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast, we headed out to Danao with the truck, fully loaded with the equipment and 3 vehicles for our whole team.

Bohol Island. The island at the bottom left on the map is Panglao.

Bohol is a very big island, and going inland isn't always a smooth ride. We ended up taking the wrong turn and when the map wasn't any help to us, we had to ask the locals to help us find our way.

In Danao we were checked into the Adventure Park,  an ecotourism concept set up to benefit the Municipality of Danao, Bohol and its people. This is a Local Government Unit initiated and run facility with a huge nature park that used to be the base camp of the revered Boholano Hero Francisco Dagohoy who led the longest Philippine Revolutionary Movement.

Suzy and Abi drove the vehicles that brought the equipment back to Cebu. While there they were able to spend a morning going on the different "rides". This is one of the less daring ones.

This adventure park’s profits the children, by paying for food and milk programs, subsidized hospitalization for poor families and more. Check it out. You might want to visit there for some daring and fun activities.

We were greeted when we arrived at the venue with friendship "necklace" made of beautiful orchids. The dentists placed them at their work stations.

Lars, the photographer from - our main sponsor - traveled with us, filming the dental mission.

Again, there were not a lack of patients. Some of them had walked up to 12 km to get free treatment.

Some of the volunteers were nurse students, who did the registration and took the blood pressure on the patients.

We worked from 8am till around 4:30pm, and in Danao alone, we treated 533 patients.

We from Rise Above are happy to be able to facilitate a big team of dentists. Flemming has done a tremendous work planning and organizing the missions through the years , and having the help of Gabriel who is in charge of the equipment, has made them a winning team. Through the first years, we borrowed all the equipment from a Japanese based foundation. Seeing that this project would be an ongoing one, we started building our own mobile equipment and the result is that we now have enough instruments and equipment for 12 dentists to work effectively. We are still working on building more mobile equipment, which is sponsored by the employees group of Novo Nordisk, Denmark. Thank you very much!

Dr. Maya from Sweden brought sponsored tooth brushes. Here she is instructing the children and their mother in the importance of tooth brushing.

Lolo - grandpa in the local language, wanted 6 teeth extracted.

The barangay (community) health workers happily worked at the sterilization area.

Children in the Philippines love sweets. Here children from the near-by school have just bought some "ice-candy" which is frozen colored sugar water. It only costs 1 peso, and it's the main reason why so many children suffer from tooth ache.

Thomas made 30 front teeth dentures, mostly for young people, and was assisted by Mars, a talented young man who quickly picked up the technique and wants to learn more.

The dental mission is finished, and everyone helped pack up the mobile clinic.

But before we left the venue, the city officials handed each of us a plaque of appreciation, and one large one to the Rise Above Foundation, which was received by Flemming and Elisabet. Everyone were tired, but feeling happy and satisfied with a job well done.

Back at Kalipayan Resort, we were able to take a day to rest. Some went diving while others went snorkeling and dolphin watching, and in the late afternoon, we all piled into a truck which took us to Kurt's beach house, for a farewell party.

Martha, Line, Elizabeth, Sanne and Trine all dressed up nd ready to party!

And what are Trine, Huda, Lena and Marie looking at and talking about? Lena's ring which was given her by an admirer.

It was made by Mars from materials used for making dental dentures - yes, you guessed right - the decoration on top are two artificial teeth. One of its kind in the whole world. You will have to ask Lena yourself about who's the admirer... 🙂

Kurt flanked by the dental team. Thank you Kurt for taking such good care of us. Everyone were sad to say goodbye, but let's look back on the amazing team, mission, adventure, happenings and this time where we all got to know wonderful people and the friendship bonds that were created. And then look toward the future where we will meet again!

We are so thankful to Eric van den Arend and for sponsoring this event. You helped make it possible, and not only possible – you went out of your way to make the trip exceptional in providing the banka boats, so that the team would be able to experience beautiful Philippines sailing between the islands. God bless you!

The statistics for the 9 days of mission are:

Patients treated: 1407

Teeth extracted: 2221

Teeth restored: 241

Prophylaxis: 240

Front teeth dentures: 30



July 14, 2011


Monday morning, the two banka boats picked up the dental team and our main sponsors  from from a resort in Moal Boal. The ocean had calmed down, and there was no wind – absolutely beautiful!

I couldn't help it! I had to crawl to the front of the banka boat and sit there, feeling the warm breeze and enjoying the view - feeling free as a bird! Right next to me, flying fish were jumping and flying far before they dove into the sea again.

And then we saw the dolphins. They came right next to the boat swimming as fast as the boat, jumping and playing. We didn’t get photos of that – only a video which we hope we’ll be able to share with you on youtube. It was so nice seeing them play so effortlessly in the sea before us, and as sudden as they arrived, so sudden they were gone again.

We couldn't have ordered better weather - and this season is normally rainy and windy. We were blessed!

We sailed from Moal Boal on Cebu island over to the little town of Tampi on Negros Oriental where the banka boats docked and all the dental equipment was unloaded and our new hosts from Bayawan City were waiting with vehicles to take us there.

They had brought two pick-up trucks to pick up the equipment, not knowing that our dental clinic is much bigger than that.. Gabriel, Mars and Johnny waited for a few hours by the unloaded equipment until the truck arrived from Bayawan City.

We stopped in the city of Dumaguete for lunch, and they had it all prepared, including the welcoming banner at the end of the table.

It took about 2 hours to travel down south to Bayawan City, and after freshening up, our host, Counselor Mark Aurelia picked us up for dinner. He brought us to Philippine’s longest boulevard (8 km long) and there we had our dinner by the road side.

Trine, Elizabeth, Maya, Lena, Sanne, Marie, Lise and Filiz.

Dusk starts around 6pm, and it only takes half an hour until it’s dark.

It wan so nice to sit outside and eat, as the temperature was comfortable and the little breeze from the seaside made it perfect.

The truck arrived at the gymnasium at the same time as we did, and together we unloaded and set up the clinic.

They had set up as many tables as we had requested, so it was just a matter of rearranging it to make it practical for everyone.

With all of us working together it took less than an hour to get the clinic set up. We were then on day 5 of being together, and already we were working together as a very good TEAM!

"A bird view" of the gymnasium. The clinic was fenced in, so that the people would remain sitting in the bleachers until they were given a number and were brought inside sitting on the rows of chairs waiting for the treatment.

Dr. Maya from Sweden with Dominic as her assistant. We met Dominic in March and he's the one who has been working on arranging for the Dental Mission to be held in Negros, a big challenge, but he did it, and we are so thankful to him that he didn't give up, but went on to find the perfect place for us to hold the Free Dental Clinic.

Danah is a nurse who volunteered with us, being the one who would explain about the doses of medicine to take, and gave them a toothbrush so that they can prevent from getting more cavities.

Dr. Lena from Sweden with her patient and assistant. Nurses students came every day to assist the dentists.

All the dentists worked hard from 8am to 4pm every day. We are so proud of them all. Here is Trine in action.

It's the second year in a row that Dr. Christian is with us, and enjoys working as a volunteer.

Elisabet and Marie together with Vice Mayor Ismael "Pempo" Martinez and counselor Aurelia. These two men were there for us constantly. When the Dental Mission was canceled in Tanjay City, and Dominic contacted the officials in this city, they took the challenge and ran with it, resulting in a perfect Dental Mission. It was a pleasure to work with them.


And let me not forget to tell you, that the first night we were here, we woke up at 4:45 am as an earthquake of 6.2 on the Richter scale hit, the epicentre being out in the sea 60 km south of here at a 2 km depth. This is the first earthquake people say has hit this region.  Throughout the following day, there were several tremors, which caused a bit of panic in the city, resulting in that some of the people drove up in the hills and stayed there till early morning the next day. The Japanese tsunami was still fresh in their minds, so they wanted to be safe. The vice-mayor came to our hotel in the evening, reassuring us that even though they didn’t feel there was an eminent danger, the city council had met and made contingency plans should anything happen. They placed 3 vans and drivers at the hotel as well as police escort. Thank the Lord, we were able to sleep that night, and the next morning the Dental Mission ran as planned.

Many people have teeth like this and much, much worse, and it comes from drinking soft drinks. The Philippines is the biggest consumer of soft-drinks in the world.

Our team in Bayawan City. The man in the middle front is Counselor Arnie Teves, who was instrumental in bringing the Dental Mission to Bayawan. GO TEAM GO!

With love from Bayawan City, Philippines.


Story and photos: Elisabet Hansen


July 10, 2011

Moal Boal is situated on the west side of Cebu island, and its beaches and resorts are visited by foreigners and Filipinos alike. Though there is a flourishing tourist business, most of the people are poor fishermen and low payed people who struggle to get ends to meet financially, so dental treatment is far down the list of needs, though many go with tooth ache for a prolonged amount of time. So having a dental mission in a place like Barangay Badiot, we never had to worry about having enough patients. Following are some photos from the mission and a day of rest for the team.

Close to the venue, there was an elementary school and we treated the 1st and 2nd graders as well as the 6th graders who told us they were in pain.

Close to the venue, there was an elementary school and we treated the 1st and 2nd graders as well as the 6th graders who told us they were in pain.

Dr. Mona was doing the examination and giving the suggestion as to what treatment to give. As you can see, there were lots of people sitting in line waiting their turn.

This little kid was such a happy boy who gave us the thumbs up sign after Robbie pulled his front tooth.

When Dr. Martha looked at the teeth of this 6 year old boy, she shook her head and said, "where am I going to start?" "Sakit?" (pain?) she asked the boy, and he pointed at his lower right jaw, and that's where she began the extractions. She pulled 3 teeth in a row, and felt that was enough for such a little boy. So sad!

Did you know that 96% of Philippine school children suffer from 4 or more totally rotten teeth, and that in some schools over 30% of the students are absent because of tooth ache, which results in very low achievement. So if you wonder why we hold these dental mission, then you got the answer right there. The Philippines is one of the countries with the highest sugar consumption in the world as well as the biggest comsumers of soft drinks.

We are having a great support team with us. Johnny and Mars are here together with Marie and Gabriel. Gabriel has trained the boys to do the maintenance of our equipment, and they also assist the dentists and run the autoclave station and whatever needs to be done. Thanks boys.

Here's Johnny working the autoclave and cleaning station assisted by two barangay health workers.

Abi worked at the recording-of-treatment station, and Marie helped with the dispensing of the medicine. A great team! 🙂

Thomas from Denmark is the first dental technician we have had as part of our Dental Mission, and though his suitcase with his materials didn't arrive together with him, he was still able to make small dentures, a special gift to people who had their front teeth pulled prior to the dental mission.

Thomas skill quickly caught the interest of Mars, our technician, and every spare moment he had, he sat there next to Thomas learning how to make dentures.

Thomas' skill quickly caught the interest of Mars, our technician, and every spare moment he had, he sat there next to Thomas learning how to make dentures., who is our major sponsor for this Dental Mission, have done many projects in Moal Boal, and given out their T-shirt to school children. Here are 3 of them waiting in line to be treated.

The equipment at the basketball court was guarded over night by the local police. Here together with the Barangay Captain, Cerelo Tapales. A city is divided into barangays, and each barangay has a barangay captain. We were very thankful for their cooperation!

Dr. Lene from Sweden treating a patient.

She was so thankful to get her front teeth fixed.

The team in Moal Boal.

It takes a lot of people to run a Dental Mission. Each of the dentists needed an assistant and translator, people to sterilize the instruments and put them back in the proper trays, people to register patients and measure their blood pressure, the record keeping, dispensing of medicine, local nurse to explain about the medicine to the patients, cooks, cleaners, crowd control, and all the behind the scenes work, the planning and preparation, the shopping, the communication with the volunteers and dentists … well, the list goes on and on … and when everyone does their part, well, then it spells



Photos and story by Elisabet Hansen


One of the major attractions in Moal Boal is the Kawasan Falls, about a half hour drive south of the city. We drove through a green and lush landscape, and the last part of the way was by foot walking up to the waterfall. The air was fresh and unpolluted, the water in the river was clean, and the people we met were friendly. The photo was taken of a T-shirt for sale in one of the many small stores along the way.

The road went along the river.

I just had to take a photo of this "lamp-shade" by one of the small huts along the way.

The walk was so serene and beautiful.

Don't worry - we didn't cross this bridge. We crossed a bridge next to the old one.

At the waterfall, the team rented a raft and boatsmen brought the raft to the waterfall.

To be able to get behind the waterfall, they all had to lie down and squeeze under the rock to the left of the waterfall.

We could hear their screams of excitement as they came through the waterfall.

FUN! A special and exciting experience!

Back in Moal Boal, we shopped for the trip on the banka boats, and then went to the pier where the team was working on loading the dental clinic on to the banka boats.

Elisabet and Flemming by the equipment on the pier of Moal Boal getting ready to load it onto the two banka boats.

Everything was loaded on board a small banka boat and then loaded on to the big white one. It was quite a feat!

Tomorrow morning, our team of 27 will sail on to Dumaguete, and from there a bus and a truck will transport us and the equipment 100 km south along the coast to the city of Bayawan, the second largest city on Negros island.



July 8, 2011


Over the last week, Flemming, Christian and Gabe worked with the preparations for the Dental Mission. All the instruments were auto-claved, all the materials were inventoried and shopping was done to have everything that is needed for the mission. Traveling away from Cebu to other parts of the Visayas region (Central Philippines) means that there are no dental shops, so everything has to be brought from Cebu.

We went over land to Moal Boal and moved into Magic Island Resort. Arie and Desiree from Holland had given 3 days free stay, so we were so excited to get there. It was just as beautiful as Magic!

Overlooking Tongo from the "Gesibu".

On to the venue.

The banner was placed at Basdiot Barangay Hall where the clinic was set up on the basketball court.

The banner advertising the Dental Mission was hung up at Basdiot Barangay Hall, the first venue on this adventurous trip. All the volunteers were waiting to get started. Here together with Abi from Rise Above.

People were waiting by the court since early morning, and were happy when Marie told them to please come to get registered.

The clinic set up at the basket ball court under tents to protect us from the rain and the sun.

Flemming sorting burs at the table with all the instruments.

Lizzie and Robbie from England

Huda is our dental hygienist.

Trine in action.

Filiz is treating a patient being assisted by a barangay volunteer.

Our three lovely Filipina dentists - Dr. Joanne, Dr. Mona and Dr. Mae. Thanks for joining us!

The weather over the last few weeks has been stormy with heavy rain and flooding, so we were desperate, praying for good weather, and God is good! On the way across the island, the clouds parted, the sun came out, and apart from a rain-shower at night, we have had beautiful weather – “just like the doctor orded”.  🙂

Stay tuned for more news!


March 12, 2011

Sabah Hussain and Rachel Adams are 26 and 27 years old. Both of them graduated as dentists in 2007 and have worked as dentists in England since then. In August 2010, they decided to work as volunteers in various parts of the world.

Dr. Rachel and Dr. Sabah in the Rise Above mobile clinic, which among other places was set up in a 40 foot container at the BBRC Women's Prison in Cebu.

The two dentists have during their time in Cebu worked in several institutions. The last place they treated patients were at the BBRC Women’s Prison , and prior to that, they treated children at a rubbish dump, at an institution for abused girls and for criminal youth. The most emotional experience they had was at the youth prison “Operation Second Chance”. Here they treated children and adolescents between 13 and 18 years old. It was a fantastic experience treating them, as they took time to listen to some of the youngsters sad and tragic stories. It was the first time any of them had seen a dentist as it is rare to receive free treatment. Daily they felt gratitude and joy from the youngsters, and they got a glimpse into their every-day life in the prison. Sabah said: “Where else in the world do you find a Prison with karaoke and dancing. ”


Rachel and Sabah enjoyed working together with their two assistants Mars and Johnny, 2 Filipino volunteers who had never worked in a clinic before, but who learned fast. They were excellent assistants, said Rachel and Sabah - just as good as any assistants they had had working for them in their clinics in England.

Both girls were volunteers at Rise Above 4 years ago in connection with an internship during their education and found their stay so rewarding that they again this year joined the Dental Mission in Cebu. It will not be the last time the girls will do voluntary work. As Rachel said, “I feel so much more useful here” and Sabah adds: “People are so positive”. For Rachel and Sabah voluntary work is not only an experience; it is an alternative to their profession.  “It’s an alternative to a traditional specialty … And also a way to keep my interest alive “, says Sabah.

The article is written by Rasmus Vincent Boas Fich, a Danish volunteer with the Rise Above Foundation in Cebu.

An offer to adventurous dentists, dental hygienists and clinic assistants (including students and other adventurous people) to join our July 2011 Dental Mission.

February 15, 2011

Rise Above Foundation Cebu in the Philippines, is looking for a team of adventurous dentists for emergency treatment of patients who cannot afford to go to the dentist.

The need for emergency dentistry, mainly extractions, is huge here in the Philippines, where more than 40% of the population live below the UN-established poverty line of one dollar a day. More than 97% of children in primary school have 5 or more totally rotten teeth and they cannot afford to go to the dentist, so they’ve had, or are walking around with pain for a long period of time. This is where we need your help.

In January we had, together with a team of dentists from Denmark, Sweden, England and the Philippines, eight amazing days where we were able to provide free treatment to over 600 children and adults from very poor and depressed areas in Cebu.

For a full report on our January Dental Mission/Free Clinic see this link: – This is a secure link.

The final dates for our next “Dental Mission”/Free Clinic is set to:

Wednesday July 6 until Thursday July 21, 2011

We follow up on last summer’s success and make another “Island Hopping” Dental Mission/Free Clinic. We start in Moalboal on the island of Cebu and end up on Bohol Island, where we, for the last 3 days of the mission and together with the local motor cycle club, drive up into the mountains of Bohol to treat the very poor in the hinterland of Bohol – this part of the mission has been named, The Hills Angel Project.

Read about “Hills Angel Project” November 2010:

Flemming and Elisabet Hansen

Project Managers
Rise Above Foundation Cebu


Read more about the  July 2010 Dental Mission

You can donate to this project.

Alaska Mambaling residents benefit from Rise Above, RAFI (Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.) dental mission

February 4, 2011

This article was published in:

Rise Above Foundation partnered with the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. and tapped volunteers in holding the free five-day dental mission for the Badjao community and local residents of Alaska, Mambaling, Cebu City. Through the dental mission, various dental treatments (inset) were provided, hygiene kits were distributed, and the proper way of brushing the teeth and washing the hands was demonstrated.

A total of 339 patients from the Badjao community and local residents in Alaska, Mambaling, Cebu City benefited from the free five-day dental mission organized by the Rise Above Foundation in partnership with the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI).

The mission was held last Jan. 21-25 in Nano Nagle Childcare and Learning Center in Alaska, Mambaling, Cebu City.
Rise Above Foundation also partnered with Danish and local dentists for the mission, which offered teeth restoration, extraction, prophylaxis, and other dental treatment.
A total of 100 children in Alaska, Mambaling also received one-year supply of dental and hygiene kits containing toothbrushes, toothpastes, and hand soaps. A demonstration on the proper way of brushing the teeth and washing the hands was also conducted.
Volunteers from Cebu, Denmark, Sweden, England, and United States also lent assistance during the dental mission.
With partners, Rise Above Foundation holds dental missions twice a year as well as tooth brushing and hand washing demonstrations in elementary schools. Its second dental mission this year will be in Moalboal, Cebu on July.
Through its grants program, RAFI provided Php 50,000 for the mission as well as the dental and hygiene kits. RAFI employees and volunteers also assisted during the dental mission.
Grants is one of the capabilities in RAFI’s comprehensive approach to elevating lives and communities. Its other capabilities are Awards, Institutional Development & Planning, Knowledge Sharing & Advocacy, and Services & Facilities. These capabilities are harnessed for RAFI to deliver on its promise through its five focus areas—Integrated Development, Micro-finance & Entrepreneurship, Culture & Heritage, Leadership & Citizenship, and Education.