We have written earlier on our blog about Jeanrey, and you can read it here for the full story.

Recently Jeanrey graduated with magna cum laude and was honored as # 2 among all the students that graduated from the University of Cebu. Here he is flanked by his mom and dad Gina and Renato Cordova and representatives from the university

A diploma to be proud of!

Jeanrey received his Certificate of membership to Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Here flanked by his dad, Renato Cordova, and Flemming Hansen

A few days ago Jeanrey came to our Rise Above office and proudly told us that he now was hired by Citibank Makati, Manila and will start his job on July 16th. 2012.

We congratulate Jeanrey with his excellent performance. He studied hard, were focused in reaching his goal, and he did it!

When he left our office, he said, “Mam Elisabet, I promise you that I now will take care of my family. Say thank you to Per from me, and thank you to all of you at Rise Above for making my dreams come true.”

Wow! What we are working so hard to achieve is bearing good fruit, and it sends us forward on our journey with thankfulness in our hearts that we can help many such persons as Jeanrey Cordova.


Story and Photos: Elisabet Hansen

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