Juliette’s Wish Came True

Juliette is a “new woman”. She walks with her head lifted, a smile on her face and with no pain. It has been a good journey to “walk her through” from the first request made by dear Marites Lazarte, when I visited her before Christmas. Through the following 2 months, friends gave small and larger donations toward Juliette’s new artificial leg, and it was a big day for Juliette when we came and told her that we had enough to buy her a good quality artificial leg that would not give her pain. Through many visits to the orthopedic company, she was measured, the attachment to her leg stump was fitted perfectly, and she was able to get it perfectly adjusted – the hight of the leg is very important, so she would be able to walk without a limp. All this was done over a period of about 2 months. We made a video to tell the story, which you can watch here.

Juliette, Marites and Elisabet
The artificial leg as it looked first time we met Juliette
Measuring Juliette’s leg
Making the cast for the attachment of the artificial leg to her leg stump.

The front part of the foot was broken, and she had taped it together to be able to still walk with it
Beautiful Juliette. She is so happy!
It was a happy occasion going to the orthopedic company, and we were joking around and laughing.

We want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for helping Juliette with a new leg. You have helped changed a person, and this person – Juliette – will always be grateful to you for your sacrifice of giving. We pray that God will bless you many fold in return. One thing we know for sure is that — YOU NEVER LOSE BY GIVING!


Photos and story by Elisabet Hansen


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