Going with our little team of 4, to ‘Sapankgaku’ Elementary school was a heart touching experience! We were welcomed with so much joy from the kids, the teachers and the volunteering mothers!  We felt our hearts jumping and we grabbed all the love given! This is the 4th year that we are able to offer this service to the school through sponsoring from Europe. A special “Thank You” to “Philippines in Mind” in Denmark and Hans-Ulrich from Switzerland.

Sapangdaku Elementary School is situated in the hills above Cebu City, and all the students come from very poor families.

The children were so happy to see us again! And the feeling was mutual.

Many renovations and up-grading work for the school are happening: painting, new wooden windows, the building of a spitting through (sink) so it will be easier for the pupils to wash their hands and brush their teeth…. !

Everywhere we give help to schools with our food program, the reaction from the school is to do their part also by improving the school and inspire the children to be good students.

Volunteer mothers help, and the teacher in charge, always come to see that everything is working well.

Marie, together with Danish interns, Anna-Sofie and Christina, from our Family Care Center are cutting the vegetables into tiny pieces so that the children will eat all their vegetables.

Love wan’t put in your heart to stay…
Love isn’t love ’till you give it away!

We are committed to cook every week for the whole school year. If you would like to help with the food preparation, then call us on 255 1973/1063 and let us know that you would like to help out. The feedings are every Wednesday, so please be at our mission compound at 8.30 am latest. Address: 252. I. Limkakeng St. (Formerly 4th Street), Happy Valley Subd., V. Rama Ave., Cebu City.
Or you can also sponsor a ‘Feeding’ at our Livelihood Center Slum Area! Remember 1 pot is for about 500 kiddos and we have 4 of these pots! You can help feed as many as you wish – you can even choose where!
For details call Marie: 09233501959
Or if you like to contribute and donate …. write us at
 (Written and Photos by Abi)

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