Rise Above Livelihood and Cooperative


Rise Above Foundation’s aim to provide livelihood for the mothers and the commitment to improve the lives of poor Filipinos took yet another leap. With the efforts of the people from Rise Above, the mothers were duly registered for a respectable cooperative to serve as their organization.

Here are some of the mothers gathered at our Rise Above Community Center for the seminar, joined by members of Rise Above Foundation team.

The livelihood program started with Fair Trade seminars and workshops in making bags out of used rice, animal feed sacks. The laminated sacks, printed in the country come in vivid colors, which make the finished product attractive. The mothers perfected their skill in bag-making over a period of time to ensure quality and craftsmanship. Creativity comes naturally for them as well; they are pitching ideas on new designs as well as combination of colors and its functionality.

Three lovely French models:
Stefanie, Olivia and Abi

In a nutshell, a cooperative is an autonomous and duly registered association of persons, with a common bond of interest, who have voluntarily joined together to achieve their social, economic and cultural needs. This will help the mothers share common aspirations by making fair contributions to the capital required, to support their products and services and accepting a fair share of benefits.

Dolly is holding her first creation – a small coin purse made at the workshop exactly 1 year ago, where she learned the skill of bag-making. Now she weaves beautiful bags, and also laundry baskets as shown in the photo. Dolly is a hard worker and has taken on added responsibilities.

Their great ideas are appreciated! Here one of the women used the reverse side of the sacks and made a beautiful sling bag.

A powerful team of dedicated women and men – who are determined to make the project a success!

You can partake of this program by promoting and marketing the bags. For every purchase you make, or get others to make, you indeed help mothers earn their living, enabling them to feed their families and give education to their children.


Article written by Bea Eudela


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One Response to “Rise Above Livelihood and Cooperative”

  1. Punay Mayo Nariya Says:

    This is a great opportunity to augment the income of a Mother and her family. Through cooperative and its guiding principles. women/mothers are empowered. Thus, economic and social aspects are alleviated resulting to a more confident and balance individual. . .

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